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FrigoPack® FU+

Next Generation

Refrigeration Inverter for the control of 1 to 8 compressors - up to 440 A

The FrigoPack FU+ range of Refrigeration Inverters offers better control performance, efficiency, compressor protection and integrated intelligence

FrigoPack FU+ has been designed for refrigeration systems in small and large supermarkets, hotels, restaurants or in food production and processing facilities as well as for chillers for Aircon and indirect-cooled refrigeration, condensers, dry coolers and more. All modern refrigerants have been integrated in its software.

The modular structure of FrigoPack FU+ inverters allows a flexible spectrum of inverter performance: functionality can be adapted by adding of modules according to the relevant application .

In its basic version FrigoPackEC FU+ (without modules) controls one refrigeration compressor. Control is based on an external signal 0….+10 V (or 4…20 mA), e.g. from a WURM control system.

The economy version FrigoPackE FU+ (with module BM-1) is suitable for the control of evaporation and condesation temperatures (tec/tcb control). Information on the pressure needed is transmitted via HUBA control pressure transmitters and the refrigeration compressors connected (up to 3 with this version) can be speed-controlled effectively and energy-saving. In rack systems with 4 or 5 compressors (or even 6 to 8) the economy version FrigoPackE FU+ may be extended by external modules.

With EM-1…EM-4 External Extension Modules, suction gas superheat and discharge gas superheat may be monitored as additional feature.

Module EM-7 has two inputs for PT-1000 temperature sensors. One PT-1000 senses the ambient temperature for optimized control of condensation, the other is used for suction gas temperature, in order to evaluate superheat and thus protect the compressor.

Operating FrigoPack FU+

The 4 most important refrigeration values on display at one glance on keypad FU+ PROG:

  • Evaporation temperature (dew point)
  • Condensation temperature (dew point)
  • Suction pressure
  • Discharge pressure

New compressor and refrigerant data can be loaded from the SD-MC Memory Card.

FrigoPack FU+ Features

  • Quick setup in few steps
  • Over 50 refrigerants integrated
  • Database of compressors for selection of speed-controlled compressor (VsC) with relevant pre-settings (e.g. max. motor current or max. speed)
  • Control of 1…3 compressors as standard feature
  • Control of 4…5 compressors with additional relays and/or modules
  • Only one parameter necessary for setting integrated rack control for up to 5 compressors.
  • Class C2 EMC filter integrated as standard
  • Wide range of operation of the FrigoPack FU+ Refrigeration Inverter (3 AC 380…480V) with automatic adaption
  • Optimum compressor starting due to very high starting torque
  • Safety function Safe-Torque-Off in stop category 0
  • 3 relay outputs (extendable with external relays)
  • 2 analog outputs for condenser fan control or special functions
  • 6 digital inputs
  • 2 analog inputs for connection of pressure transmitters
  • Universal use for standard and special applications
  • Integrated webserver for communication via Ethernet: Parameters may be displayed and edited on a PC.
  • Interfaces on module CM-1 for connection of EM modules, RS485, RS232, Modbus-TCP, Modbus RTU

Available versions FrigoPack FU+:

  • FrigoPackEC FU+
    Basic version for external control of one compressor via 0…+10V
  • FrigoPackE FU+
    Economy version for pe/pc control of 1 to 3 compressors, 4…20 mA
    Extendable functionality through connection of external modules via module CM-1 (e.g. ambient temperature or suction gas temperature)

FrigoPack FU+ (IP40) Accessory Kit

  • Housing extensions are available for wall-mounting of FrigoPack FU+ frame sizes D to H outside of an electrical enclosure (design in accordance with EN 60204-1).
  • IP40 Top cover for wall-mounting and
  • IP20 Lower cover for terminal protection and cable-clamping
  • Technical features FrigoPack FU+:

    Click HERE for download of FrigoPack FU+ flyer



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