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FrigoPack BLU

Compact Electrical Enclosures based on FrigoPack FU+ Refrigeration Inverters

Energy-Saving Control of Refrigeration Compressors and Condenser Fans

The compact and ready-to-connect electrical control cabinets FrigoPack BLU have been developed for control of single compressors or small refrigeration systems with up to four compressors.

An intelligent FrigoPackE FU+ Refrigeration Inverter with integrated FrigoSoft refrigeration software guarantees for energy-saving suction pressure and condensing pressure control or speed-control of condenser fans.

FrigoPack BLU electrical cabinets provide integrated safety, protection and control features as requested by modern refrigeration systems: clear and transparent status messages and remote accessibility with monitoring of energy consumption.

FrigoPack BLU makes use of the new FrigoSafety system to monitor the safety circuits. Faults are individually displayed, processed and used for the automatic activation of emergency operation. An optional module for monitoring the energy consumption of the connected refrigeration system may be integrated. A controller based on RS485 Modbus RTU for remote monitoring, logging and messaging, e.g. the DIXELL XWEB Webserver, ca be easily retrofitted.


  • Refrigeration systems in small supermarkets for fruit and vegetable storage and deep-freezing
  • Refrigeration in meat processing, storage and sale
  • Storage cooling in restaurants and hotels


  • Energy-saving suction-pressure control
  • Energy-saving condensing pressure control
  • Speed-control of lead compressor
  • Second compressor activated at high capacity
  • High-pressure limiting (without cutoff)
  • Control of condenser fan speed
  • Safety module for evaluation of safety circuit input
  • Fault messaging on an outside info panel

User benefits

  • Very compact enclosures with low space requirement
  • Two-door version with an opening of 180° for optimum accessability
  • The enclosures may be mounted on brackets - very useful for cable access behind the enclosure
  • Enclosure dimensions are optimized for transport on EURO-paletts
  • Uniform dimensions for height and depth (H 740mm, D 380mm)
  • Two versions in depth:
    • 580 mm (Size B)
    • 1000 mm (Size C)
    • Integrated equipment

      • Refrigeration Inverter FrigoPack FU+ with FrigoSoft Refrigeration Software
      • External Extension Modules EM-1 …# EM-3 for FrigoPackE FU+
      • CondensPack PM speed controller for condenser fans
      • FrigoSafety safety module for easy fault diagnosis
      • Safety contactors
      • Bypass contactor
      • Phase failure and phase sequence protection
      • Ethernet connection (as standard)
      • Modbus RTU (as standard)
      • Door-mounted info panel
      • Additional plain-language keypad
      • Supply isolator
      • Optional equipment:
        • CM-1 Communication Module for 2x RS232, 1x RS485 (Modbus RTU)
        • DIXELL XWEB for remote monitoring and diagnosis
        • Module for smart energy metering


        • Single compressor with emergency bypass
        • Single compressor in delta (400 V / 90 Hz) with star connection for Manual / Emergency Operation
        • Two compressors with capacity control on second larger compressor
        • Two compressors with "Flying Master" for load balancing
        • Three or four compressors with STO function (Safe Torque Off) on master compressor
        • Part winding start with higher powers



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