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Bitte kontaktieren Sie für die individuelle Terminvereinbarung Ihrer Produktschulung FrigoPack FU+ für 2021/2022.

Please contact for your individual FrigoPack FU+ training date 2021/2022.

Press Releases & Lec­tures

Online publication on FrigoPack BLU kompakt standard switch cabinet, Cooling Post Februar 2021

„KIMO plug-and-play standard switch cabinet“

Presentation by Ahmet Kitap, Ohrid-Conference 2019

„Step-up Auto-Transformers Improve the Stable Operation of Multiple-Compressor Racks“

Presentation by Ahmet Kitap, ISH 2017, VDKF-Vortragsreihe, March 16th 2017

Easy commissioning through integrated data base: Next generation Frequency Inverters for Refrigeration

Presentation by Dr. John P. Gibson, ASERCOM EPEE Symposium 2016 Nuremburg, 10.10.2016

Frequency Inverters to save energy …

Presentation by Dr. John P. Gibson, ACR Show Birmingham 2016 for ASERCOM, Work Group Inverters, February 17th 2016

Frequency Inverters to save energy …

„Software allows the correct choice of suitable frequency inverters” – Safe and energy-saving operation of refrigeration compressors by qualified selection of frequency inverters via “FrigoPack-select” on-line selection software by KIMO Refrigeration HVAC Ltd. - Based on an article in the magazine „Die KÄLTE+Klimatechnik” 06/2013 by Dr. John P. Gibson.

Intelligent Refrigeration …

„Intelligent Refrigeration Control Saves Energy“ – Functions and settings with positive energy-savings effects on refrigeration compressors and condenser fans by FrigoPack refrigeration inverters with Isesco control system(Based on an article in the magazine „Die KÄLTE+Klimatechnik“ 09/2012 by Dr. John P. Gibson)

Intelligent Refrigeration …

Presentation by Dr. John P. Gibson, Art of Compression Colloquium, 3rd May, 2012

Frequency Inverters and Interaction with Refrigerant Compressors

ASERCOM Guide-Book, April 2012

Recommendations for using frequency Inverters with positive displacement Refrigerant Compressors


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