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FrigoPackE FMV & FrigoPackEI FMV

(Full version & Version without MAM module)

Economy "book-style" refrigeration inverters

For 1 to 2 compressors

Up to 16 A


  • Commercial Refrigeration
  • Supermarkets
  • Condensers
  • FrigoPackE(I) FMV inverters are suitable for the control of single compressors or a pair of compressors, one fixed-speed and the other variable-speed controlled.

    The integrated refrigeration software FrigoSoft available in versions E2N or E4 - allows pressure control of compressors as well as speed control with external controllers via 0…#+10V output (version FrigoPackEC FMV with E4 software).

    Features & Functions

    • Universal setting of suction pressure with two adjustable setpoints for suction and condensing pressure
    • The measured suction and condensing pressures are all displayed in bar on the refrigeration inverter
    • Day/Night operation with external scheduler
    • Skip frequencies on VsC to prevent mechanical resonances
    • Adjustable minimum and maximum speed of the speed-controlled compressor (depending on make and type of compressor)
    • Control of Oil Pressure Switch or Crankcase Heater, Unloaded Start or Condenser Fans possible
    • LOCAL MODE for system test or system refrigerant charging
    • Expandable with the Isesco control system for refrigeration system (automatic recognition)
    • Additional Control Features:
    • Operation with an external control system (especially for supermarkets)
    • Connection to a webserver for recording and fault history storage (e.g. DIXELL XWEB)
    • High pressure limiting by reducing the speed of the variable-speed Master Compressor (very important to maintain maximum availability with a condensor fan failure)
    • Control of multi-stage Compressor Racks:
    • Adjustable timers to prevent Compressors from switching on and off too frequently (e.g. when operating with a low refrigeration capacity)
    • Variable compressor priority to equalize life time and to achieve good oil distribution (external option Isesco necessary).
    • Fault processing:
    • Processing of thermistor winding protection
    • Detection of wire break to pressure sensor
    • Internal monitoring of electrical faults such as supply undervoltage, phase failure, overload
    • Processing of external safety trip circuit (HP/LP pressure cut-out switches, etc.)
    • Automatic delayed autostart following a supply or installation fault, 10 start attempts

    Advantages & User Benefits

    • Energy & Cost Saving by:
    • stepless control of a single variable speed compressor (up to 35 % savings possible)
    • operation at higher evaporation and lower condensing temperatures
    • operation of a variable speed compressor at e.g. 65 Hz instead of 50 Hz. This results in an increase of refrigeration capacity of about 30 %.
    • higher COP factor under normal and part-load conditions
    • increased lifetime of the compressor due to reduced number of starts
    • elimination of pressure surges in the refrigeration system due to continuous control
    • almost ideal constant-pressure characteristic in the suction line even with changing requirements
    • reduced temperature deviation at the refrigeration points
    • lower dehumidification of stored goods
    • less icing of the evaporator
    • Longer permissible times between defrosting

    Equipment supplied with refrigeration inverter FrigoPackE FM

  • Frequency Inverter MotorMaster FMV including programming pad and MAM module
  • EMC filter to class B
  • 3 output relays
  • Refrigeration software FrigoSoft (version E2N for suction pressure control or E4 for external control)
  • Accessory parts like pressure sensors for suction or high pressure, supply chokes and motor chokes for unreliable electrical supplies or parts for wall-mounting outside an electrical enclosure must be ordered separately. Please refer to "Accessories" for more information.

    Technical Features FrigoPackE(I) FMV / FrigoPackEC FMV


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