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FrigoPack® BLU kompakt

The standard enclosure for fast installation

Look into the control enclosure

The FrigoPack BLU kompakt range was developed to support the refrigeration engineer It combines a compact design with many refrigeration functionalities. During the planning phase vital time is saved since the enclosure with the integrated refrigeration frequency inverter covers the entire control of the single or two compressor racks. Refrigeration installations up to 50 kW refrigeration capacity can be planned in a very short time.

Fast commissioning

The power-supply cable and the compressor motor cable must be connected in addition to the pressure transmitters and the safety circuits before commissioning. The customer's connection is well arranged and clearly separated from the internal electronics.

Integrated frequency inverter FrigoPackE FU+

The heart of the FrigoPack BLU kompakt is the preset frequency inverter FrigoPackE FU+. The intelligent refrigeration software maintains a constant evaporating temperature by optimum rack control. With help of the full-text display all important parameters can be monitored clearly. The built in EMC filter the inverter fulfils the requirements of the category C2. A suitable selection can be found in the FrigoPack-select [Link] selection software. The maximum inverter size for a single compressor is FrigoPackE FU+45 and for a two compressor rack is FrigoPackE FU+32.

Table of Versions (pdf)

Single and two compressor racks

In the simplest FrigoPack BLU kompakt version, a single compressor is frequency controlled. The two compressor solution offers a choice between classic control and flying master with compressor rotation. With classic control one compressor is variable-speed controlled and the second is connected to the supply when required. In addition another step can be implemented with Capacity Control (CC). With the flying master control two identical compressors are variable-speed controlled alternately while the other functions as a fixed speed compressor. This leads to a load dependant equalization of the runtimes which prolongs compressor lifetime and assists with oil distribution.

Rack Control FrigoPack BLU kompakt (pdf)

Automatic emergency operation and manual control

The FrigoPack BLU kompakt is always fitted with emergency and manual operation. In the event of a fault, the drive automatically switches to emergency operation. Due to the individually monitored safety circuits, the inverter can change the variable speed-controlled compressor in the event of a fault.

With the integrated FrigoComp control module the status of the rack can be easily monitored by observing the red and green LEDs. The individual components of the safety circuit are monitored separately. This way possible problems can be easily identified and solved.

Connection for a condenser fan

With the integrated refrigeration software the FrigoPackE FU+ can control the condenser fan by a 0 hellip 10 V signal. A motor protection circuit-breaker switch is provided for both single and three-phase EC motors.

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